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Rainbow Riches Slots – How to Play and Rainbow Riches Free Gold

Rainbow Riches slots

Do you really have the luck of the Irish rainbow ritches and to succeed in Rainbow Riches Game?

Rainbow Riches slots is a five reel mobile slot bonanza that can produce up to 20 winning lines per spin.

With a Rainbow Riches Game £200,000 jackpot available in all three bonuses, Rainbow Riches slots are highly accessible games for players of all different budgets. You can choose both the number of lines to play, and the stake per line and we offer rainbow riches cheats.

Rainbow Riches Slots – Choosing your stake Rainbow Riches Free

You can bet from 1p to £20 on each win line.
Touch the STAKE/LINE ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to increase or decrease the size of your stake per line.
Touch the LINES ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to select the number of lines you wish to play.

Rainbow Riches Game: Rainbow Riches Slots – Rainbow Riches Game Play and Rainbow riches cheats

Touch the SPIN button to start your game.

There is an AUTOPLAY function in the game that will start each drop automatically until something occurs in the game that requires player intervention. Select your desired number of automatic plays by touching AUTOPLAY then touching 1020, 30 or 50. If you wish to cancel automatic plays once initiated, simply touch the STOP button which will appear where the AUTOPLAY button was previously.

Rainbow Riches Slots – Line Wins rainbow ritches

Match 2 or more Rainbow Riches or Wild symbols on a played line to win.
Match 3 or more 10, JQor symbols on a played line to win.
Line win awards are multiplied by the stake per line Rainbow Riches Free.

Rainbow Riches Slots – Wild Symbol

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols in the Rainbow Riches Game, except the scatter bonus symbols: Road to Rainbow Riches Slots, Wishing Well and Pots of Gold rainbow ritches.

Rainbow Riches Slots – Bonus Rounds

There are three bonus rounds which are triggered by Rainbow Riches Free and spinning in the appropriate scatter symbols and each one awards a multiplier value. The final bonus award consists of this multiplier value x total stake for the initiating game rainbow ritches.

Rainbow Riches Game Road to Rainbow Riches Slots Bonus

Match three, four or five Leprechaun scatter symbols anywhere in Rainbow Riches Game view to play the Road to Riches bonus. Touch SPIN to rotate the wheel and determine the number of steps taken along the Road to Riches. When the wheel lands on COLLECT, you are awarded the highlighted multiplier value.

Rainbow Riches Slots – Wishing Well Bonus

Match three, four or five Wishing Well scatter symbols anywhere in Rainbow Riches Game view to play the Wishing Well bonus. Choose a wishing well (by touching it) to reveal the winning multiplier rainbow ritches.

Rainbow Riches Slots – Pots of Gold Bonus

Rainbow Riches Free

The Pots of Gold scatter symbols are only available on reels 2, 3 and 4. Match three Pots of Gold symbols anywhere in view on these middle three reels to play the Pots of Gold bonus and Rainbow Riches Free. The gold, silver and bronze pots will rotate around the leprechaun and stop with the arrow highlighting the winning multiplier rainbow ritches.

rainbow ritches

Rainbow Riches Free – Rainbow Riches Slots – Tips of the trade | Rainbow Riches Cheats | Rainbow Riches Game

rainbow riches cheats

1.  “Equal payout rainbow riches cheats” slots machine. This type of machine pays the player an amount the bet the player made. For instance, if a bet of one coin has an equivalent payout of 10 coins, then a bet of 4 coins will have 40 coins of payout, simple really.

2. After equal payout, the standard number of spins between winning must be determined. It is better to bet on a minimum amount to avoid losing large amounts. Therefore achieving 10 winning spins and recording the number of spins between these wins, it will be easier to estimate the average number of spins which happen before getting winning spins. For example with rainbow ritches, if most of the winning spins happen between 7 and 13 spins, then the standard variation between winning spins resulting 10 spins. With being aware of knowing the standard variations the chances of winning can be increased and you will be able to obtain a payout percentage of over 97% with rainbow riches cheats.

3. “One-Play Strategy rainbow riches cheats” which is less complex than the standard variation strategic moves. This strategic action is played by betting the maximum possible on the slot machine once, moreover, if the player wins, he/she will continue playing on the same machine three more times with the recommended rainbow riches cheats.

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