Play Double Bubble Jackpot Online

When players choose to play Double Bubble Jackpot slots, they are in for a real treat. This is a slot that brings old-fashion fruit machines and modern slots together. The Double Bubble Jackpot game was released in 2014 and since then it has been improved. If you thought that wasn’t possible then has managed to do it. This 5-reel game is nothing but exciting and rewarding at the same time. There is a reason why people play Double Bubble Jackpot online and from the moment you play, you realise why.

The Double Bubble Jackpot slot is all about providing players with a unique experience. With multipliers, wild symbols and bonuses, players could become one of the Double bubble Jackpot winners. The graphics and colours make this a charming yet alluring game and that is what many Double Bubble winners love. However, this is a game that comes with an RTP of more than 96% and a huge array of bonuses. When players play the Double Bubble Jackpot game, they get to experience the ultimate slot.

From the moment the game is launched, the striking images capture the imagination. The subtle green background and bubbles entice players and that is why it is so popular. The Double Bubble Jackpot stats prove that this is a site that is worth playing.

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How to Play Double Bubble Jackpot Online

Players can get the game up and running in just a matter of seconds. From the moment they play Double Bubble Jackpot, the excitement begins. However, before they hit spin, they need to choose their preferences and budget. Players won’t need to worry about fixed paylines, giving players complete control. Setting the budget is all part of trying to win the Double Bubble Jackpot. Players can choose the number of paylines they play with. They can choose up to 20 but if nothing is selected then this is the number that players begin with. Players can increase their chance of winning on the Double Bubble Jackpot game if they choose 20 paylines. However, they can choose less if they wish to spend less. Double Bubble is a game that is all about experiencing a unique slot game. If players wish to give themselves the chance of winning big then it is worth committing. Many past Double Bubble winners chose 20 paylines and now they are reaping the rewards of doing so.

After players have chosen their paylines, they need to choose their stake. Deciding how to win on Double Bubble comes down to the stake you choose as well as the paylines. The default stake is 0.5 but you play Double Bubble Jackpot even if you drop this to 0.1. There is a minus button that needs to be pressed, this is located next to the coin value button. If players want to go wild then they can spend more if they choose by clicking the plus sign. This will cause the wager to increase, moving players closer to the Double Bubble Jackpot. Each wager will increase in stages, providing players with greater control of their playing experience. Once the spin button is pressed, the wager is multiplied by the number of paylines. This will then calculate the total bet.

How to Win at Double Bubble Jackpot

The idea behind winning at the Double Bubble Jackpot game is simple. Three matching symbols on the same payline and you win but there is something extra lurking. There are bonus features that make playing this game extremely exciting. They can boost the chance of winning big and add an extra dimension to the game.

There is no secret or tricks that players need to know to increase their chance of winning. All Double Bubble Jackpot sites offer players the same chance of winning. Players will know from the start that the odds are better than other slots while payouts are also impressive. If players choose to play regularly, then they increase their chances of winning. The great thing about this game is that players can increase the amount they wager. As this can be done per payline, each spin the activate gives them the chance to win big. Of course, the bonuses are crucial and what players do with them really makes a difference.

The logo of the game is the wild symbol. Players can use this in place of any other symbol other than the Double Bubble Bonus. The Bubble Popper bonus can be used when the icon can be seen on the reels that are odd numbered. Here, players are given a special screen with bubbles, from which players have to pick one. Each bubble has a unique bonus multiplier and that is revealed after a player makes their choice. This is then multiplied by the coins that the players wagered. Therefore, those who choose a higher wager are going to give themselves the chance of winning big.

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