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Know all about Rainbow Riches Cheats tips | Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Cheats | £500 Fruit Machine Cheats Rainbow Riches

Just like the rest of the online gambling slots sites, it’s impossible to cheat on the Rainbow Riches cheats site since outcomes are generated randomly.Punters shouldn’t be dissuaded as they have the optimal chance of improving their odds getting an edge over the rest of the players. Optimal playing leads to the consolidation of permanent and substantial improvements of the players’ bankroll. To activate the Road to Riches bonus; players only need to land three leprechaun symbols.

Punters win up to 500 times their total bet with the classic pub fruit-style trail bonus.Players spin a wheel that reveals. how far up they will move up the trail and grab as much gold as they can grasp before taking the trip down. Spinning three or more well symbols placed all over the screen earns the punter the Wishing Well Bonus. After every spin cycle, the rainbow riches fruit machine game stops and punters have the option to select a well that yields a random multiplier that can be 500 times higher than the initial bet.

The Pots of Gold Bonus allows players try winning a prize that’s 500 times more than the bet, punters are tasked with getting three Pots of Gold scatter symbols and place them anywhere on the middle three reels. The placement awards the punter with a shot at the bonus in which bronze, silver and gold spin around allowing the player to scoop up the arrow points where the spinning spots.

Rainbow Riches Cheats | Play Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Cheats

Players are advised to play online. The rainbow riches cheats online platform yields far better results as opposed to the brick and mortar one. £500 Fruit Machine Cheats Rainbow Riches this online betting site is a low variance game whose features appear randomly and not consistently. Players should take the advantage by continuing the number of spins in between features and increase their bet before the next bet is due.

Punters also need to know that certain features payout less than others.To get features, players may require upping their stake a little more than usual especially when playing the Pots of Gold Bonus. Players are also advised against listening and implementing the many best way to play rainbow riches free spins cheats and rainbow riches slot machine cheats on forums, one player’s experience doesn’t replicate when another player implements the said and cheats.

Common sense combined with basic strategy are the keys to winning often. Play Rainbow Riches Mobile. Some players win more while others winless, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold. the combination of these two elements ensures that the player belongs to the frequent winning team!

Fruit machine cheats rainbow riches

So many people are now looking for rainbow riches cheats and in particular the £500 jackpot Rainbow Riches. Many of the Rainbow Riches games work on a random basis but Wild Clover comes with a £100 Jackpot, and that is an exception to the rule. While random games often have fewer cheats, it means that any cheats are created to exploit the bugs or errors in the game, but there are £500 fruit machine cheats for free spins cheats available.

Rainbow Riches Cheats | Rainbow Riches Slot

The pure pots cheat aims at increasing the percentage from 92% to 94%, but they also make the pots wild and stick, and that means that the pots will stick in place for the super spins. Therefore, if you get up to two pots on your first spin, one more and you could strike it lucky.

The wishing Well bonus cheat is not the most exciting of tricks as it can bring up wins that are as low as £2, but the maximum prize can be £50, but that does depend on the version of the game you play. This maximum prize can be found on Golden Charms, but there are other prizes of £15 and £25  available. While the prize cannot be altered, letting the game timeout will mean that a Well is selected for you. 

Rainbow Riches Cheats – Top 5 Ways

Choose Only One Bonus Feature

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix  allows you up to three features, although you do not have to use all three at once. By selecting  one feature, you will increase the odds of landing a winning combination of the bonus. Always remember selecting the feature with the highest Payouts. It’s a feature which is difficult to land and you ‘ll wait for some time before it appears it evtually appears on the reel.

The very trick here is to continue betting small denominations possible and to keep spinning the wheel until you win! If you desire more frequent wins, Rainbow Riches cheats sheet says look out for Leprechauns or the Mushrooms bonus.

Super Spins

This cheat is a little more trickier but works. So, to activate Super Spins, players need to bet £20 per spin. This feature achieves two results for players. Firstly, this instantly increases your RTP (Return to Player) with the highest available in the game, this is usually 94% to 98%. The Big Bets feature will allow the same trick for a far less bet. So why chose Super Spins? Remember we said that Super Spins does two things.

Secondly, the bonus to this cheat is the feature of Wild and Sticky Vs Big Bets, Big Bets feature doesn’t is that it makes the winning symbols both wild and sticky. So, let’s say players have selected  ‘Pots of Gold’ feature. Then, the pots symbols will act as wild and also stick on the reels. Players land two pots during your first few super spins, then you’ll just need one more pot to win the grand prize. 

Choose Golden Charms

The Wishing Well is not the highest paying bonus available. The lowest win is only £2. However, the maximum players are able to win range between £15 to £50.  £50 win is only available on the Golden Charms variation of the game, make sure you choose this. Also the Fields of Gold variation offers max prize £25, whilst the reward in all other standard games is capped at £15. When players enter this bonus round, don’t attempt to make a move for the prize. Instead, let the game session time out. there is a high chance that you might land the top prize.

The Leprechaun Bonus

Rainbow Riches game comes with more or less standard features, there are a few hidden bonuses in between the reels that many players aren’t aware of. For example, the ‘Leprechaun bonus’. This activates when players land three to five leprechauns shown on the reels, players can win up to £500. Players lowest prize is £8 to £12  for landing the lower combination.

Why does reward fluctuate regulary? It solely depends upon on the bet value in order to win the top prize. Only if players wagered at least £70 on that particular spin, it would be easier to yield. The amount is able to increase if players land more than five leprechauns in a row. 

The Clover Trick

Try this mega cheat! In the original version of Pots of Gold, there is a Mega Spins option hosted, which requires players to bet £20 per spin. In exchange, players are provided 5 extra spins. So players overall are  betting £4 a spin. Similar to the Super Spins feature, this too increases your RTP (Return to Player). 


Players love the Rainbow Riches fruit machine cheats £70. Leprechaun bonus as this can return a win of as much as £500 for three leprechauns. This is a feature that is made available when anything from three to five leprechauns are on view on the reels. The lowest available prize can be between £8 and £12, but this does depend on the version that you are playing. The amount can increase with the number of leprechauns, but the progression is random.

The Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Bonus Cheats is another exciting feature. It is worthwhile playing this game when the combined total of the pots is high. Should you play with the tallest value pots, it will not guarantee that you will hit the Pots of Gold bonus, but if you do hit it, then you will win more money. So, the cheat here is to ensure that the pots are as highly valued as possible.

It is possible to choose up to three features that can remain active during the game, known as Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix but there is no requirement to choose all three. Your chances of hitting the feature will be increased if you play with one element, but if you decide to play with Toadstools or Road to Riches feature, then it is likely to come in more often. However, the value of the two will not go above £30. If you choose the pots alone, it will mean that Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix will play in the same way as Pure Pots.

So, there are many different cheats available, and they involve players making the right choices to give themselves the best chance of winning big.

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