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The exciting and fascinating game of Rainbow Riches is designed to give online slot players the chance to experience a unique and thrilling opportunity to play a game that rewards them in so many ways. However, if players feel as though they need to learn about the game before playing it seriously, they can begin by playing the Rainbow Riches demo.

Players have the chance to play rainbow riches free online. To do this, they can play it in demo mode, allowing them to try out the game in all its glory. When players choose to play the free Rainbow Riches game, they will have access to all the options and setting that can be found in the real version of the game. Often, when players are given access to demo versions of games, some features are missing, as this is done to entice players into playing the real game. However, this is a demo version that provides players with the complete playing experience. Therefore, the demo version is exactly the same as the real version with the only difference being that you cannot win real money. It provides players with a risk-free option, helping them to decide whether they want to go ahead and play Rainbow Riches for real or if they want to continue with no financial commitment.

How Rainbow Riches Demo Works

Players can enjoy free slots for fun Rainbow Riches by playing the demo version where they are given virtual funds that they can use in any way they want. Players have the chance to set their wager and choose their stake and then determine the winnings that they wish to based on the stake they set. This will provide players with the chance to see what it is like to play the game for real using real money.

What is worth noting is that the results seen in the demo game will not replicate the results seen in the real game; however, the same random number generator is used that is found in the real version, and that means that the demo version does offer the same RTP rate. Therefore, the results that are seen in the demo version can only provide an indication of what might occur in the real game. Putting all of this aside, the one thing that players will experience is a lot of fun, and they will undoubtedly embrace the bonus features that are found in this game, even if there is no real money involved in playing the game.

When you consider all of the features that are found in this game, it is clear to see just why it is so popular with players. However, for those who are new to the world of online slots and want to find out what it is all about the demo version is the perfect chance to find out just how good this game really is. It delivers a slot experience that leaves players reaching for the real version.

Rainbow riches demo & Slot Machine – Welcome to our Rainbow riches free game play for fun, and play rainbow riches for free & rainbow riches free spins in addition Rainbow riches pick n mix free play

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine – Demos | Play rainbow riches for Free!

One of the most popular games from Bar Crest, Rainbow Riches is now available free online as the rainbow riches free demo game. Immensely popular online, with big and rather risk-free wins making it rather hot amongst regulars, this free rainbow riches game can be played for free online.

Rainbow Riches is a classic Irish slot game which features the standard 5 reels with the standard card symbols like King, Queen, Jack, 10 etc., along with a fair smattering of Leprechauns and the Rainbow Riches symbol. Free online slots like Rainbow Riches don’t have any pay lines or betting facilities, with spins being completely free and are more bonus based.

The game which resembles the Rainbow Riches Demo, you might think that it’s no good. But you can still have a lot of fun on the free rainbow riches game. It basically has only one bonus – free spins. These free rewards are achieved if the symbols appear anywhere in the odd number reels on a single turn on all three. While reels 3 and 5 require one symbol each only, reel 1 is the most crucial since it determines how many free spins will be awarded.

Since the entire game is based on free spin bonuses, this is critical for continuing more in-depth into the game. Rest assured, the game is designed in a way so that a player has enough wins to keep him/her in play, and more often than not players end up with a nice little bonus.

Some versions of free online Rainbow Riches also allow you to bet. In such a case, the standard rules apply. There are up to 20 pay lines, and bets range between 10P to £ 400. For those who have absolutely no idea how online Rainbow Riches works, you can learn about these free slots for fun rainbow riches from YouTube very quickly.

There are also very good hacks and tricks available online to trigger bonuses when you play rainbow riches free online. Once triggered, the rewards can be re-triggered any number of times, which almost always ensures a superb profit.


Play Rainbow Riches


Rainbow Riches free slot machine games are extremely popular and fun slot games. Barring the odd eccentricity here and there, these are a standard slots, with the rainbow riches fruit machine being pretty similar to other slots online. The online slot has five reels, 10 paylines and 18 winning combos. Being Irish, like most good famous slot games, it has fun Leprechauns and Pots of Gold, apart from the standard card characters.

Bonus Rounds

Pick Me: When you play rainbow riches, this will be the first bonus round that you will come across. This bonus is activated when you manage to get the Leprechaun’s hat symbol on the odd numbered reels, i.e. reels 1, 3 and 5. On activating the bonus, you are taken to a special screen which has just three hats. You will need to pick any one of three hats to unlock your winnings, which can be as high as £25000. The best part of this bonus is that there are guaranteed winnings, since all three hats hold prizes beneath them. Two of them will normal cash prizes while the third will unlock another bonus round- Pots of Gold!

Pots of Gold: Pots of Gold isn’t just triggered as a winning in Pick Me. You can trigger it when you play rainbow riches independently too. For this you will need to align 3 Pots of gold symbiols together on reels 2,3 and 4. Once triggered, Gold, Silver and Bronze pots will spin around the screen until an arrow points to one of them, at which point they stop spinning. The great thing about this feature is that each pot carries a multiplier value and you can multiply up to 500 times your total stake, which means wins can be really huge!


Gamble Feature:

Apart from bonuses, you also have a unique “Gamble” feature in Rainbow Riches Online. It’s quite simple really. To Gamble, you need to just push the Gamble button beside the Spin button. On hitting Gamble, you will arrive at a completely new screen where you can spin the Gamble wheel, an inspiration from the roulette wheel. The screen has two halves. If you land in the winning half, bingo! You double your winnings! But if you land in the losing half, then- oops! You can just as easily lose your winnings too. So be careful .

Rainbow Riches slot machine

Gold and riches…

Play rainbow riches and Get Ready to Practice with  free slots rainbow riches

You can also Play Rainbow Riches demo & Free Slots and try your luck.

Download and Play Rainbow Riches Demo, look no further, you are in the right place!

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Virgin UK: Betfred Rainbow Riches Slot Machine online slot Download &  Play rainbow riches Demo for fun


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Heart Bingo: Rainbow Riches Slot Machine online slot Download & Demo Play rainbow riches demo for free and Play Rainbow Riches free spins for fun

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Rainbow riches play for fun and Betfred Rainbow riches demo pick n mix free play

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Rainbow riches play for fun, play rainbow riches for fun

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